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Guelph General

Guelph General Hospital is a medical care facility in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It is a 182-bed facility with a total staff of about 1600. The facility opened as a 12-bed unit on 16 August 1875..


Hospital family rooms are often a place where we are supposed to be able to take a moment to regroup. Often these rooms feel like fish bowls, with all of the furnishings lined up around the outside of the room. We are left staring at strangers when we are trying to privately catch our breath. I was honoured when was asked to help reconfigure the ICU family room. I made it my mission to create separate spaces where one can take time for themselves. I wanted it to be bright yet warm and as comfortable as possible. This little corner has light filtering privacy panels, a work top, a reading light and charging stations. We lightened the walls, and cabinetry.


We also had fun adding local photographs taken by a children’s local photography camp.

Guelph General Hospital:

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